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Remember when you could find happiness at the end of a lollypop stick? When nothing could bring a smile to your face like a Tootsie-Roll? Now you can have all of the experiences of childhood again at Sugar Heaven, a leading retailer of candy Boston. Candy Boston can be bought at many places, but if you want candy galore with over 15000 types of candy and novelties, Sugar Heaven is a leader in providing the public with candy Boston. From all time favorites like Fun Dip and Candy Buttons, to freshly made cotton candy, frozen treats, and international temptations; even the pickiest sweet tooth will be satisfied with our candy Boston at Sugar Heaven. If these things aren't enough to tempt you, try creating your own pixi stix from an assortment of 12 flavors and colors, or simply stock up on an array of 21 colors of M&Ms. Founder and "Sugar Daddy" David Sapers assures that "If you can't find what you crave, the staff will be happy to hunt it down." Our goal is to be the biggest and the most exciting Candy Store offering a large variety of candy Boston while providing a clean environment with the highest quality candies. Not only does Sugar Heaven have a huge candy selection, they also transport customers back to their youth with toys like Paddleball, Sea Monkeys and Rubix Cubes. We want everyone who comes to the store to feel like a kid, whether they are 7 or 70. Sugar Heaven offers all of its customers quality candy Boston in a fun Boston atmosphere.

If you live in Boston and are searching for candy Boston Sugar Heaven is the place for you. If you are taking a bottle of wine or flowers to Boston dinner parties, if you are looking for an original, colorful, fun and delicious gift to send to that special someone, if you are planning a party that requires centerpieces, candy bouquets or goodie bags, if you need candy Boston for any reason; then Sugar Heaven will make you a Candy Creation that will make a lasting impression. Sugar Heaven provides unique gifts for the candy lover in your life. Send a care package to your favorite kid at camp or brighten a friend's day with our candy Boston. Candy Boston create distinctive favors for special occasions, such as weddings, showers and birthday parties. All Boston birthdays deserve to be sweet. Why not celebrate at Sugar Heaven, a leader in candy Boston. They close the store just for you and your guests and provide candy filled entertainment and of course enough candy to guarantee a Sugar Buzz that will last all day.

If you would like more information about candy Boston, please continue to our website, where you will not only find information about candy Boston, but you will have access to bring our famous candy Boston right to you in the comfort of your home anywhere in the country! If you have any questions however about our candies or our candy Boston, then please feel free to visit us at 218 Newbury Street; Sugar Heaven is open every day from 11 am to midnight. It is the perfect place to visit during a day of shopping on Newbury Street, for an after dinner treats or a late-night snack. And remember for all your candy Boston needs, we are a phone call away!

Candy Boston > Candy Boston